This is the BioPartner UK online Directory of members. In accordance with European GDPR legislation, no contact details are available on this website, but if you would like us to approach any of the listed companies on your behalf, please contact us.

If you are a senior executive, business development or marketing manager of a UK Life Sciences company, and would like to publish more details about yourself and/or your company on this site, please register for membership to obtain login credentials and create an online account. Membership is most appropriate for UK-based companies.

Company types are searchable:

TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER - academic and private commercialisation of research including incubators

SUPPLIER - equipment, software, assays and reagent sales

SERVICE - providing professional services, often both within and outside the life sciences sector

R&D - research and development in the laboratory including drug discovery

PHARMATECH - utilising software or hardware, artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve complex medical issues and improve the drug discovery and development process.

PHARMA - Usually multi-national; developing, marketing and/or distributing medicines

NETWORK - Trade support and membership organisations including societies and associations

INVESTMENT - Firms supplying funds to life science companies. Brokers and financial services are not in this category

HEALTHCARE - diagnostics, digital health, hospital equipment and services, medical devices, point-of-care products

EXPERTISE - advisors and consultants in finance, business, regulatory, or scientific specialities

D&D SERVICES - discovery and development to support R&D. It includes contract research, development and manufacturing, industrial biotechnology, and technology platforms.

ACADEMIC - institutes and university departments collaborating on research projects with industry partners

Medtech and Digital Health are not in BioPartner's scope (though our annual Anglonordic Life Science Conference has a technology stream that welcomes these companies):
developing technologies that have a medical application. It includes start-ups that are designing new prosthetics, implanted devices, or diagnostic tests (excluding providing Covid testing but not developing novel tests), tools and equipment.