Bionow supports business growth, competitiveness and innovation within the biomedical and life science sectors across Northern England. Our membership services add value and cost-efficiency to scientific, clinical and business operations within early stage and growth-oriented firms. Our membership base includes startups and early stage firms as well as established growth-oriented companies. Bionow's membership offering focuses upon the specific needs of firms at their different stages of development, including dedicated business support programmes, shared procurement schemes with significant cost savings, exclusive insurance benefits, recruitment and training services, local and national events and access to a vibrant network of businesses.

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BioPartner UK

BioPartner UK leads the UK Delegation to several partnering conferences 
each year. It is a UK Accredited Trade Organisation facilitating international partnering for trade, investment and collaborations with Life Sciences organisations across the UK. BioPartner is a membership organisation, supporting UK SMEs and startups, and signposting organisations worldwide to UK expertise.

BioPartner has alliances with organisers of international biopartnering events, and with UK membership organisations, operating both independently and
in partnership with the UK government. BioPartner disseminates tradeshow access grants to help UK-based SMEs exhibit their services and products in new overseas markets. 

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MediWales is the life science network and representative body for Wales.
An independent, not-for-profit organisation that is owned by its members, MediWales provides advice, support, business opportunities and promotes collaborations for the life science and health technology community in Wales.

MediWales delivers an extensive events programme, including the UK HealthTech conference and the MediWales Innovation Awards and produces a number of publications including UK Lifescience Industry magazine, the Annual Directory and Review, and case study magazine LifeStories. MediWales promotes and supports its members in Wales, across the UK and internationally. 

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OBN (UK) Ltd

OBN is the not-for-profit Membership organisation supporting and bringing together the UK’s life sciences companies, corporate partners and investors. Our 400-plus Member companies are located across the Golden Triangle and beyond to Manchester, Nottingham, the Midlands, South Coast and Scotland, benefiting from our networking, partnering, purchasing, training, advising and advocacy activities.

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One Nucleus

One Nucleus is a Cambridge/London Life Science membership organisation. We support Europe’s largest Life Science cluster encompassing the London-Cambridge-East of England region via knowledge transfer, connectivity, inward investment and growth.

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Parkinsons Concierge

Who are we?

At Parkinson’s Concierge we want to promote Patient Engagement, Involved,  and have the opportunity to accelerate the desperate need for a Cure.

It is now evident that to find a Cure for Parkinson’s everyone needs to be involved and partnering with each other.

At Parkinson’s Concierge we are becoming a voice for People with Parkinson’s.

We all live with Parkinson's.

We want to be involved in all aspects of finding a cure for Parkinson’s and believe it is the way forward to be the final link between Tech companies/ Pharma/Medical Industry Professionals.

Inclusion is required in the following areas

Involved with the strategic development of patient and professional relationships

Enable us to contribute to funding for clinical research trials for Parkinson’s

We have a particular interest in engaging with early detection/research companies

Connecting and communicating with stakeholders

Identifying key relationships between all business partnerships

We are Advocates of the Parkinson’s Movement

We sit on the Panel of Parkinson’s Steering Committees at various hospitals for research

Inclusion with clinical trials where Patients can be involved with execution through to completion by providing tech data (that is so desperately needed) from the people who live with Parkinson’s

What can we offer you?

Within our team we have people with expertise in the areas of drug development, clinical trial operations, and strategic planning, relationship management, awareness creation, & training

Our biggest USP is of course, we ALL have Parkinson’s

We are 100% committed to devoting the rest of our lives to improving the lives of people affected by Parkinson’s

Our Unique Business Model can be rolled out Worldwide with the right investment and backing

We also have experience working with multiple vendors

We possess strong planning and tracking skills

We are customer focused, well organised, detail oriented

We can demonstrate excellent time, priority, and self-management skills

Strong project-management skills

Effective leadership skills and proven ability to foster team productivity and cohesiveness.

Excellent communication skills with the ability to add value to your organisation from a Patient perspective

We have the proven ability to negotiate and influence others


  • Acting as Parkinson’s Advocates
  • Advisors on problems in Parkinson’s
  • Bid writing for funding purposes
  • Design of questionnaires
  • Organising focus groups
  • UX design
  • Report writing
  • Public Speaking
  • Creating Awareness at Corporate Events
  • Partnering with organisations who can make a difference

What type of impact can we make?

Our unique business model offers experience, talents and a perspective which can make a vital contribution to innovative products & research methods that the Medical industry are developing for Parkinson’s. Therefore, we can take part in improving the lives of people everywhere suffering from this incurable disease. We want to be part of the change that is needed in order to accelerate finding a cure.

Let’s help the Medical industry to help us – The People with Parkinson’s

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UK BioIndustry Association (BIA)

Established in 1989, the BIA (BioIndustry Association) exists to encourage and promote a financially sound and thriving bioscience sector within the UK economy and concentrates its efforts on emerging enterprise and the related interests of companies Founded over 20 years ago at the infancy of biotechnology, the BIA is the trade association for innovative enterprises involved in UK bioscience. Members include emerging and more established bioscience companies; pharmaceutical companies; academic, research and philanthropic organisations; and service providers to the bioscience sector. The BIA represents the interests of its members to a broad section of stakeholders, from government and regulators to patient groups and the media. Our goal is to secure the UK's position as a global hub and as the best location for innovative research and commercialisation, enabling our world-leading research base to deliver healthcare solutions that can truly make a difference to people's lives. For further information, please go to

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