PharmaLex UK Services Limited

Biopharma Excellence is a fusion of three scientific powerhouses, PharmaLex, ERA Consulting and Biopharma Excellence – all under the PharmaLex brand. This global team of scientific, regulatory and commercial professionals provide strategic product development and proactive regulatory services to developers of biopharmaceuticals, cell and gene therapies, monoclonal antibodies (MABs), vaccines and biosimilars.

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PrecisionLife is built upon a collective ambition to improve our understanding of complex diseases and create better, more personalized therapy options so that we can help patients to live longer, healthier lives.
The PrecisionLife® platform takes a radical new approach to analysis of complex disease biology based on a wide range of patients’ genomic, clinical, and epidemiological data, enabling the discovery of richer and more useful links between patients, disease sub-groups, targets and drugs.
Our powerful patented data analytics and decision support platforms are built on a unique mathematical framework and deep experience in delivering innovative new technologies and products.
Headquartered near Oxford in the UK, we also have offices in the USA, Denmark and Poland.
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Quotient Sciences

Quotient Sciences is a drug development and manufacturing accelerator providing integrated services across the entire development pathway. Everything we do is driven by an unswerving belief that ideas need to become solutions, molecules need to become cures, fast.

Rosemont Pharmaceuticals

Our ambition has always been to support both patients with swallowing difficulties and the healthcare professionals who care for them. We are highly respected in the industry and have been instrumental in establishing best practice for the care of patients with swallowing difficulties. Rosemont advocate the use of liquid medication over manipulating solid dose medications and we have a range of educational materials designed for healthcare professionals which focuses on key patient groups and their medication management challenges. 


Sareum is a specialist drug development company delivering targeted small molecule therapeutics to improve the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases. The Company aims to generate value through licensing its candidates to international pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies at the preclinical or early clinical trials stage.


Sareum is advancing internal programmes focused on distinct dual tyrosine kinase 2 (TYK2) / Janus kinase 1 (JAK1) inhibitors through preclinical development as therapies for autoimmune diseases, including the ‘cytokine storm’ immune system overreaction to Covid-19 and other viral infections, (SDC-1801) and cancer immunotherapy (SDC-1802).

Sareum is based in Cambridge, UK and listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange, trading under the ticker SAR.

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Scendea was founded as a result of a management buyout of the product development and regulatory consulting function of a clinical research organisation. Our origin dates back over 20 years, with involvement in over 1,000 development programmes.

Scendea’s expert team delivers strategic and operational support in the fields of quality/CMC, non-clinical/toxicology, clinical/medical and regulatory to successfully guide products from early development to marketing approval. 

A combination of scientific excellence, industry experience, commercial awareness and a collaborative approach allow our expert team to solve complex issues associated with medicinal product development. Scendea has team members based in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands and the US, who deliver innovative and high-quality solutions aligned to jurisdiction-specific regulatory requirements.

At Scendea we collaborate, innovate, and together with our clients, we succeed.

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Science Entrepreneur Club

The Science Entrepreneur Club (SEC) is a London based non-profit organisation of curious minds that aims to explore and unite the life science ecosystem by educating, inspiring and connecting. We give scientists, innovators and startups, with a focus on biotech, pharma, medtech, bioengineering, biosustainability or related, a network and a unique platform to showcase their innovative technologies, find investors, meet like-minded people and accelerate their company.

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BioProduction by Sekisui offers contract development and manufacturing services for the biopharmaceutical industry.  Our facility in the UK has over 40 years of fermentation and purification experience with enzymes and proteins as our focus.  We offer expertise in bioprocess development, scale up and manufacturing of enzymes, plasmids, antibody fragments and other proteins.  We offer ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and GMP manufacturing quality standards for your custom production.  We are in the process of a $19M expansion of our GMP facility for drug substance manufacturing which will complete in 2023.

Silence Therapeutics

Silence Therapeutics develops a new generation of medicines by harnessing the body’s natural mechanism of RNA interference, or RNAi, within its cells.

Our proprietary technology can selectively inhibit any gene in the genome, specifically silencing the production of disease-causing proteins. Using our enabling delivery systems, we have achieved an additional level of specificity by delivering our therapeutic RNA molecules exclusively to target cells. Silence’s proprietary RNA chemistries and delivery systems are designed to improve the stability of our molecules and enhance effective delivery to target cells, providing a powerful modular technology well suited to tackle life-threatening diseases.

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SomaServe Ltd

SomaServe was spun out of UCL from the laboratories of Prof. Giueseppe Battaglia in 2018. 

Following a successful, oversubscribed late seed funding, the company now works from labs at the Babraham Research Campus. The company’s proprietary technology, PolyNaut® can be applied to both clinical and non clinical/ex vivo products.


SomaServe works with pharma and biotech partners for innovation and problem solving in neurology, oncology and immune diseases. Our partners Abcam PLC market and develop non-clinical products

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