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Pebmond Associates – whether you consider your project or company a Pebble or a Diamond – Our strategic advice and business services for life-science and healthcare organisations adds “Multifaceted Value®”

Strategy, Business Development and Licensing is our focus – whether it is support to acquire, divest or license a product or project -  independent eyes and ears on your company strategy, direction, future plans, project prioritisation or even just general brainstorming – or building your team’s skills in these areas by coaching, face-to-face training, lectures, webinars or e-learning. We do all that - and more importantly, smile at the same time.


Pharmaceutical Licensing Group

The Pharmaceutical Licensing Group, in the UK, has been established for 30 years and is the professional association for those active in pharmaceutical and biotechnology business development and licensing. 

There are around 200 members in the UK and over a 1000 in affiliated groups in Europe, Canada and Japan. All sectors of the industry are represented including multinationals, medium and small pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology, generic and consumer companies. 

The PLG is a not-for-profit organisation and is managed by a committee of licensing and business development executives from member companies. Details of the Committee members and how to contact them can be found by following the Committee link. 

The PLG organises meetings within local countries, a bi-annual European meeting and a bi-annual International meeting. Details of all meetings can be found on the Events page and by linking to other PLG sites on the European page. 

PharmaLex UK Services Limited

Biopharma Excellence is a fusion of three scientific powerhouses, PharmaLex, ERA Consulting and Biopharma Excellence – all under the PharmaLex brand. This global team of scientific, regulatory and commercial professionals provide strategic product development and proactive regulatory services to developers of biopharmaceuticals, cell and gene therapies, monoclonal antibodies (MABs), vaccines and biosimilars. 

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PrecisionLife is built upon a collective ambition to improve our understanding of complex diseases and create better, more personalized therapy options so that we can help patients to live longer, healthier lives.
The PrecisionLife® platform takes a radical new approach to analysis of complex disease biology based on a wide range of patients’ genomic, clinical, and epidemiological data, enabling the discovery of richer and more useful links between patients, disease sub-groups, targets and drugs.
Our powerful patented data analytics and decision support platforms are built on a unique mathematical framework and deep experience in delivering innovative new technologies and products.
Headquartered near Oxford in the UK, we also have offices in the USA, Denmark and Poland.
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